What We Do

In our business, making connections means providing solutions that help people connect to their world. The internet is integral to that, but it’s really just part of what we do. We’ve built—and we’re continuing to expand—a broadband network that people from all corners of Minnesota (and beyond) use every day.

Residential Services

The internet has a presence in homes in more ways than we might think about. Today, we pay our bills online, do homework via the internet, stream our entertainment on demand and have video chats with friends across the country.

We’re working to bring better, faster internet options to more homes—including bandwidth of up to 1 Gig, dependable phone service, an innovative Wi-Fi-based television platform, reliable home security, Managed Wi-Fi, computer repair and more.

Business Services

More than 21,000 businesses count on Arvig’s network every day. With available speeds of up to 100Gb on fiber, Arvig has the network reach and infrastructure to serve any industry. From the most rural corners of our service area to the bustling metropolitan regions, Arvig is working to provide internet, phone service, IT, security and wholesale services that keep businesses on the leading edge of their industries.